Lake San Marcos

Laguna de San Marcos is a deep lake, fascinating tourists and locals with pure blue waters and terrific atmosphere. Lake San Macro is the best place to enjoy hiking and swimming in the cool, clear water.

Aerial photo of San Marcos Lake in Jalisco
Lake San Marcos, Jalisco. Aerial photo

What characteristics the lake has?

  • The coastline is 21 miles
  • Length is 7.8 miles
  • The Width is 425 feet at the narrowest place and 15312 feet at the widest
  • Square is 14720 acres

Lake history

The very first settlers at the lake were the Toltec tribes. Lake San Marcos has been a vital source of quality fresh water since the 10th century. Then representatives of Maya and other tribes began to move here, resulting in a large population.

After the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1530, the tribal peoples attempted to revolt, but the attempt was unsuccessful and foreign invaders firmly established themselves on the territory of Laguna de San Marcos. This marked the beginning of a new stage in the history of the indigenous nations of this area.

Now here is a small village near Laguna de San Marcos, where about 3000 people live – a mixture of Mayan, Toltec and European immigrants.

Animals and plants

The climate on Lake San Marcos is quite dry. It is nice and hot here in the summer. At any time, nature is striking in its beauty.

Dried laguna San Marcos
Laguna de San Marcos. Hot climate dries the water. Photo by @enriquerodri18

Among the plants that you can see on the lake can be identified pine, oak, and even pitahio cacti. This type of cactus allows people to get the most delicious Mexican fruit pitaya.

Moreover, wild purple, red and yellow flowers grow in abundance in the vastness of Lake San Marcos. All plants on the lake are valued and protected by state and international organizations for the protection of nature.

The lake fauna is as rich as the flora. A lot of small animals inhabit this area.

The most common animals on the lake:

  • Coyote
  • Hare
  • Squirrel
  • Rabbit

Parks near the San Marcos Lake

Horse in Sierra de San Juan Cosala National Park
You can meet a horse or many of wild animal while walking in the
Sierra de San Juan Cosala National Park. Photo by @bsvede

The Sierra de San Juan Cosala National Park is located 5 miles from the San Marcos to the east. Closer to Lake Chapala. It takes visitors every day from 7 am to 6 m. This is a wonderful place for a quiet and at the same time active pastime. It doesn’t matter when you decide to visit the park. You will enjoy here both on weekdays and on weekends and holidays. The entrance to Sierra de San Juan Cosala National Park is free, pets are allowed.

In the park, you can ride a bike, rollerblade, and scooter. There are also good conditions to have a picnic with a friendly company or to make an unforgettable romantic evening for two.

Mountain bike in the Sierra de San Juan Cosala National Park
Mountain bike for those who are hardy enough. View from the park on Chapala Lake. Photo by @edgargomez.mtb

How to spend weekends on the lake

Lake San Marcos has crystal natural water. Basically, it is intended only for swimming and recreation on the coast. Fishing is prohibited here.

You can rent a boat or catamaran and enjoy the pleasure of a boat trip.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for tourists to stay at the campsites on the lake. But nearby there are several cozy coastal cities, such as General Andrés Figueroa and Zacoalco de Torres. There are beautiful hotels up to the level of 5 stars, so everyone who wants can find accommodation for their preferences.

The best decision for you will be to stay in one of the cities, and in your free time, you will go to Lake San Marcos to enjoy the green landscape and the mirror surface of the lake.

Interesting cities to visit

Street of independence in Guadalajara
Calle Independencia in Guadalajara. Photo by @danieyanez

The nearest cultural-historical center is the capital of the state of Jalisco Guadalajara. It attracts local and foreign tourists with historical monuments, medieval architecture and a magical atmosphere.

Arriving in this city it is worth visiting the Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan. This famous Catholic Church was built in the 17th century. The abbey is amazing in that it combines the styles of Gothic and Baroque. The sanctuary is located in the heart of the city on Calle Eva Briseño.

Not less attractive monument of architecture Rotonda of Illustrious Jaliscienses. It consists of 17 columns, each of which is dedicated to individual and renowned artists and musicians of the state of Jalisco. Rotonda of Illustrious Jaliscienses is located near Fray Antonio Alcalde Avenue.

Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres in Guadalajara
Rotonda of Illustrious Jaliscienses. Photo by @nettoben

Do you want to stay here longer?

The Laguna de San Marcos area is quite quiet and calm. A small number of inhabitants live here, only about 3000. This is what makes the way of life measured and secluded from the noisy and furious rhythm of life in megalopolises.

Here you will not find luxurious and pompous houses, as residents prefer to build property in a restrained and democratic style.

real estate near gadalajara, jalisco
House with a huge territory near San Marcos Lake – 298 000 US dollars

Accommodation here is available for purchase at competitive prices. For example, such a great house with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a big and closed territory is sold at a price of 298,000 US dollars.

The best way to get to Lake San Marcos

You can get there by public transport on the Guadalajara-Ciudad-Guzmán-Carretera libre highway. It is best to get from Guadalajara, as there is the main bus station and you will most quickly find a bus for your route.

Just do not confuse. There are new and old bus stations in the city. You need an old station Antigua Central Camionera. It is situated in the city center near Parque Agua Azul.

To buy a ticket for travel you need no more than $2 (US) per person. The travel time will be about 50-60 minutes. Choose an early morning for travel time to avoid traffic jams.

For the tourists from different countries

Tourists from other countries will not be difficult in a short time to get to Lake San Marcos. The route will consist of two parts: first, you need to get by plane to the main airport in Mexico. And then fly direct from Mexico City to Guadalajara.

Regular flights from Guadalajara Airport are scheduled up to 35 times a day. Flight time is usually a little over an hour.

From the airport of Guadalajara to the San Marcos a distance is 20 miles. You can get to San Marcos by bus, seeing the schedule at the airport. If you need more accurate and up-to-date information, the best way is to access information desks at the airport.

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