Las Coloradas Pink Lake

These unusual and truly amazing lakes are located on the Mexican peninsula Yucatan. The pink color of the water is not an invention or legend of the local population. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this place to be convinced of the reality of such beauty.

Las Coloradas Pink Lake characteristics

  • The coastline is 8. 35 miles
  • Length is 3.6 miles
  • Width is 1267 feet at the narrowest place and 3631 feet at the widest place 
  • Square is 1781

History of the lake

What is the history of Las Coloradas Pink Lake? In fact, the history of its occurrence does not differ by something unusual. The lakes were formed by nature even long before the appearance of the first settlements near its shores. Also the salt factory took part in the creation of lakes.

Now the lake is the private property of a large salt factory. Salt factory Las Colorados brings the largest share of income in the local budget. The equipment pumps seawater to the plain. Over time, water evaporates and salt forms. Salt production is more than 500,000 tons per year. On the private territory of the factory, it is not so easy to get to tourists. You will learn more about this in another part of the article.

The lake has a pink color due to salts and minerals contained in the earth’s rocks at the bottom. At high temperature and salinity of water, the algae in the lake begin to emit a bright pink pigment, give the corresponding shade to the water. The Spanish name of the lake “Las Coloradas” means red, symbolizing the delicate color of pink waters.

Wild animals and plants on Las Coloradas Pink Lake

The lake is a part of the Rio Lagartos biosphere reserve. This is a fairly large area, covering more than 15,000 acres of land. There are a careful observation and protection of the entire flora and fauna of the lakes. Surprisingly, many wild animals can be found here:

  • Flamingo
  • Crocodiles
  • Sea turtles
  • Jaguars
  • Many species of seabirds

Just imagine the beauty that opens before the eyes of tourists!

Parks near Las Coloradas Pink Lake

8 miles from the lakes is Malecon Rio Lagartos. This is a small reserve, which is open to the public 24 hours a day. All tourists mark this place truly magical. There is access to the coast of the bay. So you will see a view of pure and emerald water. In addition, the locals are happy to show visitors all the advantages of local nature and conduct exciting excursions.

How to weekend on the lake

On the lake, they usually do not go fishing, because salt production is of great value for the locals. The local population is about 1,000 people. Therefore, tourists are always loved and waited here. However, the entrance to the lake is not so simple.

The factory fenced the territory from outsiders. Therefore, the entrance for tourists is possible only with a special guide. He will check that you do not go where it is not necessary, since it can be dangerous. Guide services cost around 50 pesos.

There are also boat tours and for 100 pesos per person, you can get close to the real pink flamingos.

Of course, it is worth visiting the reserve Rio Lagartos. From the village of Rio Lagartos, you can take a tour and take you by bus to Las Coloradas Pink Lake, take a boat ride and show all the most beautiful places. Be sure it is worth it.

Beautiful cities around Las Coloradas Pink Lake

The village of Las Coloradas itself is a landmark. Only about 1000 people live here. Almost all of them are engaged in salt mining and work in a salt factory. Some residents are engaged in fishing and organize excursions for tourists.

The village is located on the territory that separates the Gulf of Mexico and the lagoon. From the monuments of architecture, be sure to visit Iglesia Católica De Rio Lagartos. He will conquer you with his beauty.

In general, devote most of the time walking. Because everything around here is surrounded by untouched nature.

Comfortable life on Las Coloradas Pink Lake

When you plan to spend time on the lake, you have to think about where to stay. Prices in Las Coloradas hotels do not bite and are quite affordable. A night’s stay will cost you less than $ 30 per person, including a delicious breakfast.

You can also consider the option of accommodation in Rio Lagartos. This is a livelier city with a large number of restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues. Here, in a hotel you can stay for a day for $ 20 per person.

Las Coloradas does not have a well-developed infrastructure to which residents of large cities are so accustomed. But there is everything: restaurants, cafes, hotels, churches, schools and much more. So if you want to stay here forever, then try. Accommodation here is the modest and affordable price range. Here is a good housing will cost you $ 52000.

In the crowded Rio Lagartos, there are also good housing options. Here you can buy a house right on the coast. For example, such a coastal estate, consisting of three separate buildings can be bought for 875,000 dollars. This is a chic option for lovers of space and beautiful views.

The best way to get to Las Coloradas Pink Lake

For locals

In Las Coloradas Pink Lake from Cancun on a local bus. However, with all the stops and refueling your journey may take more than 7 hours. So try renting a car. Then you will spend on the road no more than 3 hours.

The second option is to take the Oriente or Mayab class bus to Valladolid and stay overnight. And from there already drive by car to the coast of the lake.

For foreigners

First, you should fly by plane and fly to Cancun International Airport. From the airport, there are buses to the city center. All information can be found at the information desk in the airport lounge. Then from the center of Cancun, you can also take the Oriente bus or the more expensive ADO bus and get to Valladolid and go by car or taxi the next day.

And if you want to get to Las Coloradas Pink Lake as quickly as possible, then rent a car immediately upon arrival in Cancun. Then in 2-3 hours, you will reach the lake. Rent a car in Cancun costs from $ 1 per day for two adults.

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