Laguna Salada – Salt Lake in Mexicali

This lake is located in the desert of Baja California. Translated from Spanish, the name lake means “Salt Lake”. This is a dry lake, shaped like a geometric shape of a rhombus. Mostly the weather on the lake is clear, dry and windy.

Mostly the weather on the lake is clear, dry and windy all year round. Most of the rainfall in summer especially in August and at the beginning of the autumn. As you can see the driest weather is observed in May, and the wettest in August and September.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the lake, keep in mind that this is a desert and temperatures could shock you. For those who hates rain it is better to choose spring or late autumn, because this time the weather is warm and quite comfortable with minimal rains. In any case, the nature of the lake will interest you with its beauty in any season.

The Laguna Salada characteristics

  • The coastline is 160 miles
  • Length is 37 miles
  • Width is 1921 feet at the narrowest place and 11 miles at the widest place


Until the mid-20th century, this natural lake was full-flowing and served as a valuable source of fresh clean water for the population. However, a very dry climate affected the state of the reservoir. As a result of a long drought, the lake dried up. And the last time it was completely filled with water in the 70-80s of the 20th century as a result of heavy rains. And now it looks more like a desert valley with rare plants and animals.

Wild animals and plants on Laguna Salada

Wild burros on Laguna Salada Mexicali
Wild burros near Laguna Salada. Photo by @reedhaberer

As you already understood, the climate on the territory of the lake is very dry, with rare periods of precipitation in the form of rain. This directly affects the specificity of the flora and fauna of the reservoir. The terrain is a desert valley with a sandy surface. From plants here grow cactus.

But the animal world is presented more brightly. Reptile snakes and lizards, as well as insects, live here. Of predators here are desert foxes.

Parks near Laguna Salada

Drone photo of Constitution 1857 National Park
Constitution 1857 National Park. Drone photo by @emmanuelzambranophotography

16 miles from the southwest coast of the lagoon is the Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857. In this park, there are 2 small ponds that are striking in their beauty. All tourists celebrate the incredible freshness of the air and the purity of untouched nature. Here you can ride a bike, have a picnic or just walk along the paths.

8 miles from the southeast side of the lagoon is located Reserva de la Biosfera Alto Golfo de California y Delta del Río Colorado. This is a biosphere reserve, the territory of which can be entered by car. There are comfortable cottages and campgrounds with excellent food and comfortable accommodation. All conditions can be found and viewed on the site of the reserve. Here you will definitely find peace and tranquility.

How to weekend on the lake

Of course, now Laguna Salada is a formal lake, which in fact is a desert. In this regard, this is a great place for pleasure driving and driving on off-road vehicles. You can rent a car and explore the territory of the lagoon on your own.

By the way, this is quite an exotic place for photo shoots against the backdrop of a wild desert. But do not forget that in summer the temperature of the air reaches an mark of 50 degrees Celsius and it may be difficult for you to take long walks through the desert territory.

Beautiful cities around

Mexicali is the administrative center of the state of Baja California and at the same time an attractive city. Of course, there are many monuments, memorials, as well as theaters, which are worthy of your attention. The most popular landmark is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe located in the northern part of the city. Directly behind the cathedral is the Parque Héroes de Chapultepec. This is a cozy green park with rostral columns in its center. It is open 24 hours a day, entrance to the park is free.

Juventud Park 2000 is an amazing place for super outdoor activities. Here you can go rollerblading, ride bicycles and skateboard. This park is specially equipped with trails for a comfortable stay. The entrance to the park is also free.

In general, the atmosphere of friendship and peace reigns in Mexicali, which is why tourists love this city so much.

Comfortable life on Laguna Salada

Since the territory of the lake is a dry desert, there is no housing provided. But you can visit Amor Ministries Campground. You pay $ 400 for 3 days and get comfortable accommodation in a safe camp, delicious food and a team of friends.

The peculiarity of this community is that being here you can contribute to the construction of housing for low-income families. This is an amazing project that helps poor families get decent housing. Therefore, if you are also not indifferent, then try yourself in this noble cause.

You can also stay in Mexicali. There are hotels and guesthouses for every taste. Room prices for 1 person start from 50 US dollars per night including breakfast.

Of course, Mexicali attracts tourists with its tranquility. This is a reason to think about changing the place of residence for many travelers. Mexicali is considered a prestigious area, so sometimes prices bite here. But here you can find Bole less democratic options.

For example, such a beautiful and prominent house can be purchased for 142000 US dollars. At your disposal will be 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and green territory.

The best way to get to Laguna Salada

For locals

The nearest major settlement near the lagoon is Mexicali. Basically, the main transport interchange with other smaller settlements is concentrated here. For locals it is the easiest way to get to the lake from Mexicali. It is best to take a taxi, because the territory of the lagoon is deserted, and you will be more comfortable traveling either by car. A taxi ride will cost you $ 0.5 per kilometer.

For foreigners

All foreign tourists should first take a plane and arrive at Aeropuerto Internacional General Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada Mexicali. From there you can already get by bus to the center of Mexicali and take a taxi there. Or take a taxi immediately at the airport.

In any case, all the information about the timetable of transport from the airport you can find the same at the information desk.


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