Los Lagos de El Dique and El Paseo de los Lagos

This is a very beautiful system of three lakes, which enriches the eastern part of Mexico in the state of Veracruz with fresh waters. If you haven’t been here or you are in doubt about going on a trip or not, then you should definitely pack up and organize an unforgettable trip to the lake.

The Los Lagos de El Dique characteristics

  • Length is 4.385 feet
  • Width is 77.6 feet at the widest place and 287.4 feet at the widest place
  • Square is 0.51 acres

History of Los Lagos de El Dique

Since 1836, not far from the modern location of the lake there existed and successfully operated a weaving factory. It was by the decision of the owner of this factory that an artificial reservoir with platinum was built in order to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the local population.

After a short period of time, the lake began to dry out and the dam ceased to function. Next to the lake in 1976, another 2 new small lakes were created, which form a single system of three lakes and a beautiful recreational complex today.

Wild nature

Heron photo in Mexico, Xalapa
Bird that you can meet during the promenade across Paseo de los Lagos. Photo by @

The lakes are located in the most picturesque area of ​​the state of Veracruz. Wherever you look, there are countless seedlings of flowers and greenery all around. This explains the sincere love of the local population for wildlife.

 Since the lakes are located in a sanitized urban environment, there are no wild and dangerous animals. But you can always find friendly ducks who love guests. In addition, the entire territory of the lakes is a solid green space of lush trees and neatly trimmed shrubs. In general, eyes admire!

How to spend time on Los Lagos de El Dique

The lakes are great for any kind of holiday. It is quite spacious here, so you can play sports or play volleyball, for example. There are also many walking paths, which creates opportunities for comfortable walks on foot and rollerblading or cycling.

On the entire coast of the three lakes are countless cafes, restaurants, and pizzerias. Therefore, even the most demanding gourmets will be able to find a kitchen to their liking. By the way, almost all cafes offer a gorgeous panoramic view of the lake! Do not miss the chance to drink freshly brewed coffee and enjoy the scenery.

Paseo de Los Lagos is a famous territory and path chosen by many tourists. This is one of the most picturesque quays of the city, which is surrounded by playgrounds, gardens and scenic spots. This is rightly the best place for walking because here you will find everything you need and see the city in all its glory. You can take bikes and ride with the wind listening to the birds singing.

By the way, here you can catch various events and admire the bright performances of street performers. The natural environment and music create an impressive atmosphere that you always want to return to.

Beautiful city Xalapa-Enriquez

Xalapa Enriquez is the capital of Xalapa municipality and at the same time a beautiful city. This is where Los Lagos de El Dique is located. If you don’t know where to start, then visit Parque Rafael Murillo Vidal first. This is a great green park for cycling or walking. The park is located right on the west coast of the lakes.

On the opposite bank is the impressive El Águila monument. Tourists love to take photos on the background of a stately and bald eagle. And right next to the monument there is an excellent sports stadium, where, by a lucky chance, you can become a spectator of student sports competitions.

By the way, near the lakes are the objects and the territory of the University Veracruzana. The university has been open since 1944 and has 57 scientific libraries. Here, too, there is something to see: gardens, green gardens and cozy paths for walking.

Parque Los Berros is located behind sport stadium. This is also a great place for family and friendly walks. By the way, all the parks here work around the clock and admission is absolutely free for all visitors.

Getting to the city is not problematic. For example, from Veracruz to Xalapa-Enriquez can be reached by bus for 10 US dollars for 4 hours. The bus travels on the route through Xalapa Airport. Therefore, tourists whose route starts from Xalapa Airport can use the same bus. From other cities and surroundings, it is better to take a taxi. Approximately 1 km of journey costs about 0.5 US dollars.

Good conditions for life

House for sale in Xalapa Veracruz
This house in Xalapa is for sale – 111 500 US dollars

Arriving at the lake you will be pleasantly surprised that there are cozy hotels and guesthouses on the coast. In general, the price range is quite democratic. For example, the Cuarto Xalapa hotel on the east bank provides a room for 20 US dollars per day for 1 person including breakfast.

In general, Xalapa is famous for its comfortable housing. As a rule, it looks very modest outside, but very beautiful inside.

For example, such a two-story house is 111 500 US dollars. It has everything you need: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a spacious living room. If life among parks and greenery is what you dream about, then this option is for you.

The best way to get to Los Lagos de El Dique

For foreign tourists

The nearest airport is El Lencero Airport JAL, located right in Xalapa. Regular buses leave from here and take you directly to Los Lagos de El Dique. You can always find out the exact bus schedule in the information department of the airport. And of course, a taxi is the most comfortable and convenient transport. 1 km will cost you 0.6 US dollars.

For locals

If you are going to the lakes from the Veracruz bus station in Xalapa, then use the regular bus. On average, the price will be from 15 to 20 US dollars. So you will reach the coast of the lake in 4 or 4.5 hours. By the way, you can easily order a taxi and get from any locality.

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