Amistad Reservoir

This amazing lake is located on the Rio Grande on the border of two states – the United States and Mexico. On the American side, the territory of the lake is a whole national recreation area. Therefore, it is impossible not to say that interest in this reservoir has not dried up for many years, both among local and foreign tourists.

The Amistad Reservoir characteristics

  • Length is 20.5 miles
  • Width is 3648 feet at the widest place and 5.6 miles at the widest place
  • Square is 64900 acres
  • Maximum depth is 217 feet


The history of the creation of the lake goes back to 1944. An agreement on the joint construction of a dam was concluded between the US government and Mexico. The construction of the dam went on for 4 years and was completed in 1969. By the way, in Spanish, the name of the reservoir is translated as “friendship.” Perhaps Amistad Reservoir is a symbol of strong relations between Mexicans and Americans.

Wild animals and plants on Amistad Reservoir

At Amistad Reservoir you will see the most unique combination of wild flora and fauna. The diversity of nature in one place is explained by the fact that the lake is located in several main climatic zones: tropical, temperate and arid. Many monarch butterflies live in park areas in the United States, and by winter they fly closer to Mexico. In addition to the beautiful butterflies and waterfowl on the lake live:

  • Deer
  • Barbary sheep
  • Fox
  • Porcupine
  • Skunk
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Snakes and Reptiles
  • Many different birds

From the flora, the most common representatives on the lake are:

  • Acacia
  • Several types of cacti
  • Oak
  • Cedar

True, it is difficult to imagine such a variety of completely different plants and animals in one lake? Yes, this is true.

Fishing on the lake

Sport fishing is one of the main goals for which tourists come to the lake. Because here you can catch a large enough catch of catfish and different types of bass.

Remember what state you are on while fishing. If this is the United States, then read the rules of Texas fishing (the link will be at the end of the article). To fish in Mexico, you will definitely need a license issued by the National Aquatic Culture and Fisheries Commission. The best time for fishing is autumn, winter and spring.

Parks near Amistad Reservoir from USA side

In the United States on the northern shore of the lake is the Rough Canyon Recreational Area. This is a small green park right on the coast. It is free and works around the clock. You can come here with a tent and organize a picnic. Yes, deer are walking here! So keep your cameras on alert and take memorable photos with nature and animals.

A great place to visit is the Seminole Canyon State Park & ​​Historic Site, located closer to the Rio Grande River. It belongs to the national parks of the United States. Here is a whole tourist camp. You can make a wild trip, see the rock inscriptions and drawings and visit the canyon. The cost of excursions starts from 12 dollars per person.

Parks near Amistad Reservoir from Mexican side

Playa Tlaloc is a cozy green park with a large territory on the southwest coast of the reservoir. You can come here by car and place a tent. Or just have a picnic in a special gazebo. The park is open around the clock and has free admission.

How to weekend on the lake

In general, the territory of Amistad Reservoir at the confluence of the Devil and Pecos rivers is a national park zone of the state of Texas. Therefore, it is a beautiful recreation area at any time of the year. In winter, you can ski and sled, in summer and autumn you can go boating. The national park also provides camping, picnic and hunting areas. However, the hunt is conducted in a limited mode, as it is still a protected recreational

If you come to rest in Lake Amistad Rentals, here you can rent a boat, a gazebo and have a great rest. And of course, you can rent a house, hut or camping for as low as $ 70 for 1 day.

And, as mentioned in the previous sections of the article, on the Mexican and American shores of the lake, you can walk in the parks and have a great picnic overlooking the wonderful landscape, as well as go fishing.

Beautiful cities around Amistad Reservoir

Del Rio is a small town in Texas on the southeast shore of Amistad Reservoir. What can you visit and see? At a minimum, this is San Felipe Country Club. Here golf lovers compete with each other, demonstrating their professional qualities and setting new records. In addition, there is a very beautiful pond and landscape.

Not far from the country club is the Whitehead Memorial Museum. It will appeal to everyone who is interested in antiques, artifacts and just not indifferent to history.

From the coast of the lake to the city can be reached by taxi in about 30-40 minutes.

On the Mexican side is the city of Ciudad Acuna, located to the south of the coast of the lake near the river Rio Grande. This is a fairly young city, built in 1877. In the city center is an interesting historical monument Antiguo Cuartel Militar. From here you can see the whole city and admire its beautyrest. Also a popular spot in the city is Los Alamos Country Club. Here you can swim in the pool, play sports and have a tasty dinner.

In general, a walk through the city will appeal to you, because here there are beautiful streets and you can take a lot of memorable photos.

Comfortable life on Amistad Reservoir on USA side

Of course, 80% of tourists come here for a short time to spend a vacation or a weekend away from the city alone with nature. For this purpose, you can stay in a hut or house provided for rent in Lake Amistad Rentals. This resting place on the lake is located on the American side. For $ 70, you can rent a good number for one.

But there are sure to be people who, after their first visit to Amistad Reservoir, decide to move here to live. Accommodation in Pharr Texas is a combination of luxury and functionality. Such a beautiful brick house can be purchased for $ 185,000. Intimacy with nature and clean air will be provided to you.

Comfortable life on Amistad Reservoir on Mexican side

There are no campsites and hotels on the Mexican coast of Amistad reservoir. But you have the opportunity to stay in the town of Ciudad Acuna. Here prices for one night stay start at $ 30.

In Mexico, housing is more modest and economical. In Ciudad Acuña, you can choose such a house for $ 45,000. This is an inexpensive option for those who do not pursue luxury and pathos.

The best way to get to Amistad Reservoir

To get to American coast of the lake

The nearest airports to Amistad Reservoir are San Antonio (SAT), San Angelo (SJT) and Midland (MAF). If you are flying from another country or some US state, then a plane is a good way to quickly get to the lake. Straight from the airport, you can take a taxi and drive directly to the coast of the lake. In Texas, on average, $ 0.8 for 1 mile on the way.

To get to Mexican cost of the lake

Tourists who want to get to Amistad Reservoir in Mexico need to build a route starting at Ciudad Acuña International Airport. From the airport, take the regular bus to Ciudad Acuna. All information about the routes can be found at the information desk at the airport. And from the city you will need to order a taxi and get to the lake. On average, you spend 0.5 dollars for 1 km on the road.


Use these useful links to find relevant information when you are planning a trip to Amistad Reservoir.

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