Sugar Lake – El Azúcar (Presa Marte R. Gómez )

Sugar Lake is located in the western part of Tamaulipas. If you want to discover all the secrets of the lake, live to see its wildlife and just visit a beautiful place, then go on a trip right now!

The lake characteristics

  • Length is 13.25 miles
  • Width is  0.66 miles at the narrowest and 13.3 miles at the widest place
  • Square is 58240 acres

History of lake

The history of SugarLake (or another lake name is El Azúcar) begins in the distant 20th century. Like many Mexican states, areas of Tamaulipas were often prone to flooding. To prevent this threat from occurring, the Mexican authorities decided to build a dam. And in 1936, an ordinary lake became an important defender of the state from natural disasters.

By the way, the constructed dam Martha R. Gomez became the third largest dam in Mexico.

Wild nature

Sugar Lake is a valuable place for anyone who truly loves untouched places. There is no abundance of buildings here because most of the coast is wild woodland. On the shores of the lake grow majestic deciduous trees and lush bushes. From birds, you can meet wild ducks.

By the way, this lake is a favorite place for many tourists. This is the most popular lake for fishing. And there is a big perch here. The place is popular among Americans, Mexicans, and guests from other countries.

Birds sitting on the boat on the Sugar lake
Lake Azucar, birds on the boat. Photo by @franciscojose.aguirregarza

How to spend time on Sugar Lake

As mentioned above, this is a super fishing spot. Sometimes local and visiting fishermen organize sports competitions in perch fishing. This is really an impressive sight.

Of course, Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission strictly monitors the safety and legality of fishing on the lake. Therefore, everyone who wants to get the coveted perch catch should be licensed. It is not difficult. Check out the permission information on their website.

In addition to fishing, here you can go cycling or walk on the picturesque shores. By the way, many tourists say that there are gorgeous sunsets and clear water! In any season, you can swim and sunbathe.

Parks and reserves on Sugar Lake

Most places for walking and recreation are not located near the lake but in coastal cities. Ciudad Camargo has many parks for tourists of all ages. Here Unidad Deportiva “Pedro Haro” is a place for sports and outdoor activities. In the park, there is a large stadium for playing football.

In general, there is a friendly atmosphere for walks and a picnic. In addition, the park is open around the clock with free admission. You can find out how to get to the city from the coast in the next section of the article.

Beautiful cities around

Sugar Lake - El Azúcar (Presa Marte R. Gómez )
Iglesia Santa Ana in Ciudad Camargo town. Photo by @neryol

To the northeast of El Azúcar is the great city of Ciudad Camargo. The city has green parks, entertainment centers and open areas for families. For example, the park Taqueria Los Compadres. It works around the clock, providing free access to all guests. This is a good green place where you can have fun with friends, as well as with children and family members.

A 15-minute walk from Taqueria Los Compadres is Union Park (Parque Union). This is a small square where there are several historical monuments of architecture and convenient places for a picnic. The park is also free to enter and is open 24 hours a day.

Getting to Ciudad Camargo directly from the lake is most convenient by taxi. Since buses run rarely and not always clear on schedule. Taxi costs a little less than 0.5 US dollars for 1 km.

Good conditions for life

To make your trip to El Azúcar as comfortable as possible and leisure was at its best, you should stay at BassUnit. This is a favorite haven of fishermen all over the world. There are  only 12 quality rooms. The camp has a clean pool and a sports complex.

In addition, you will be provided with a boat with a qualified guide, who will accompany you all the fishing. Prices and other information are available on request only.

If you have thought and thoroughly want to live near the lake, then do not deny yourself this. Most housing options are available at Ciudad Camargo. All houses are very spacious, with a convenient location and affordable prices.

Home for sale in Ciudad Camargo Tamaulipas, Mexico
This house in Ciudad Camargo is for sale – only 70400 US dollars

Such a brick house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is for sale at a price of 70400 US dollars. Blooming gardens, green trees – this area is perfectly suitable for measured life.

The best way to get to Sugar Lake

For foreign tourists

The nearest airport to the lake is Reynosa International Airport. There are both domestic and international flights. You should get from the airport to Ciudad Camargo by bus. The schedule is at the information desk at the airport terminal. After arriving in the municipality, you should take a taxi and drive to Sugar Lake.

For locals

Locals will also have to take a taxi from nearby cities and municipalities. Taxi is not very expensive within 0.5 US dollars per 1 km of road.

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