Presa Miguel Hidalgo (El Mahone Lake)

This lake belongs to the state Sinaloa in Mexico. It originates in the river Fuerte and carries its waters into the same river. If you love fishing and wildlife, then you definitely need to visit here. The common name is – El Mahone lake, but Miguel Hidalgo the official one.

Lake Hidalgo from the hill view
View on the Lake Hidalgo (El Mahone). Photo by @traveler_dr4g0n

The Lake Hidalgo characteristics

  • Length is 6.44 miles
  • Width is 1191 feet at the narrowest and 33422.4 feet at the widest place
  • Square is 18959.36acres

History of the lake

Lake El Mahone or Presa Miguel Hidalgo is an artificial reservoir. First of all, the main purpose of constructing such a reservoir and dam was to prevent flooding. Also now the lake has a key role in the irrigation system of the territories and is actively used as a source for generating electricity.

Therefore, since 1956, as well as his neighbor Lake Dominguez Lake Hidalgo brings a huge benefit to the state of Sinaloa. By the way, the largest dam on the lake takes 2nd place in all of Mexico.

The second biggest dam in Mexico on Hidalgo (El Mahone) Lake
The second largest dam in Mexico is locates on El Mahone lake. Photo by @ptzinai

Wild nature on Lake Hidalgo

Lake Hidalgo has great natural and resource potential. Here you will not find many attractions and architectural buildings. But in your hands uncharted nature, wild beaches, and beautiful sunsets. For fishermen, this place is especially loved. The big bass is found in the waters of the lake and is of particular value for visitors and local fishermen. Of course, you will need a license for fishing. More accurate information can be found on Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission website.

Fisherman in the boat on El Mahone lake (Hidalgo)
Good fishing on lake Hidalgo. Photo by @pepe_marquezb

Parks and reserves

The best parks are in El Fuerte. For example, you can have a great time with your family or friends in Montecarlos Park. This is a green, beautiful place with 2 football fields and picnic lawns. Admission is free and the park is open to the public 24 hours every day.

Next to El Fuerte Museum is the amusement park Tirolesa La Galera. In the afternoon you can have a tasty meal in restaurants and walk along the river bridge. Do not forget to take memorable photos. Here is an unforgettable view!

El Fuerte river
River El Fuerte. Photo by @latuzavagabunda

How to spend time on Lake Hidalgo

By and large, this lake has a comfortable and relaxing holiday. Hiking or cycling among beautiful landscapes will surely delight you.

Of course, Lake Hidalgo is ideal for successful fishing. For example, in the first week of March, annual bass fishing competitions are held here. This tournament is called Magione. Therefore, if you want to set new fish catch records, then come in the spring and test your strength.

You can stop at the best fishing base Hidalgo lodge. For 500 dollars per a day the owners will organize successful fishing for you. Also you will be placed in a good room and will have delicious meal.

Hidalgo Lodge Hotel
Hidalgo Lodge hotel. Photo by @hidalgolodgehotel

Beautiful cities around

The nearest interesting city is El Fuerte. This ancient colonial city has a rich history and architecture. First of all, it is a fort. Here you should visit the museum of Miguel Angel Morales Ibarra. This museum contains collections of masks and traditional elements of life.

Also you should visit the observation deck in the center of the city from which you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. All sights are located in the central city square.

El Fuerte city entrance
Welcome to the El Fuerte town! Photo by @loregax

The city is located 6 miles from the lake. Public transport off the coast of the lake does not go, so take a taxi and in half an hour you will reach El Fuerte.

Good conditions for life

If you decide to come to Lake Hidalgo for a few days or a couple of weeks, then in El Fuerte you will find excellent hotels. Here you can stay overnight for $ 45 per person.

What if you really like it? No problems. Cozy homes here are available for purchase at affordable prices. For example, a family house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a fenced area can be bought for 205 000 US dollars.

The best way to get to Lake Hidalgo

For locals

Lake Hidalgo is 60 miles from Los Mochis. You should take it away at the first stop of El Fuerte. From the city to the lake by taxi, you will reach 30 minutes. The average price for a taxi is 0.5 dollars for 0.6 miles.

For foreign tourists

First of all, you need to fly to Federal Airport of Valle del Fuente. From the airport, take a shuttle bus to El Fuerte’s city center. And from there by taxi, you will reach the lake in about 30-40 minutes.

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