Presa Josefa Ortiz De Domínguez (El Sabino Lake)

Wonderful Lake Dominguez is located in state Sinaloa, 3 miles from the colonial town of El Fuerte. The common name of the lake is El Sabino. Here everyone will find something to do for the soul and rest from the city rush. If you have not been here yet, then you should definitely include this lake in the main list of the best places to travel!

Presa Josefa Ortiz De Domínguez view
View on Presa Josefa Ortiz De Domínguez

The Lake Dominguez characteristics

  • Length is 13.1 miles
  • Width is 1411 feet at the narrowest and 17952 feet at the widest place
  • Square is 581 acres
Characteristics of Presa Josefa Ortiz De Domínguez Lake
Lake Dominguez official characteristics

History of the lake

The history of Lake Dominguez dates back to the middle of the 20th century. First of all, it is associated with a major flood in 1955, which overtook the inhabitants of the settlement. Initially, the lake was a source of fresh water for cattle and was not wild and untouched. However, the flood caused the dam to build on the lake and give it a protective function from the following catastrophes.

Since then, the lake has gradually become much better. A large number of hydraulic works and research activities are carried out here.

Dam view lake Dominguez
View on the dam

Wild nature

After a major flood occurred, the lake was not the only water protection system. Fisheries began to develop actively. The volume of the dam creates the most favorable conditions for fishing.

Who can I catch here? There is a wide variety of mollusks and fish. For example, among the fish in the lake are catfish and perch. And also crabs and shrimps are very popular. One catch can reach 60 kg, this is fantastic!

Do not forget to purchase a license for fishing. Read the information on the site of Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission.

Presa Josefa Ortiz De Domínguez Lake panoramic view
Panaramic view on the lake Dominguez

How to spend time on Lake Dominguez

On the lake, there are wonderful places for a picnic. Stunning views and landscapes is an excellent opportunity to organize a photo session and capture good moments. Unfortunately, there are no campgrounds. But you always have the opportunity to stay for a few days with tents.

Also here is the best place for fishing, sports, and outdoor activities.

Parks near Lake Dominguez

Museum Entrance
Entrance to the museum in El Fuerte. Photo by @instandoval

The coast of the lake does not differ in many interesting places. Here, bright landscapes, but wild. To get closer to the culture and history of the local people, visit the amusement park on the Fuerte River – Tirolesa La Galera. And don’t forget to visit History Museum. Here you will find amazing photos and learn unusual facts about the crafts and lifestyle of Sinaloa State. The park and museum are 2.78 miles from the lake. Public transport rarely goes here, so go to your destination by taxi.

Beautiful cities around

Definitely, you should visit the city of El Fuerte. This is an old colonial city. It is small, cozy but with a surprisingly warm and soulful atmosphere. It was founded in 1564 by the Spanish conquerors. Therefore, here you can meet the representatives of the Spanish peoples.

El Fuerte town
El Fuerte city. Photo by @julissagallardo

There is the green park of Montecarlos. On the territory, there are two football fields and picnic lawns. The park is open to visitors 24 hours and has free admission.

Be sure to visit the ceremonial center of Teuoko and Iglesia de Dolores. This is an observation point, which offers a magnificent view of the city. All attractions are within walking distance of the city center, so they are easy to find.

Life in the lake area

The best choice to spend a few days is to stay in the city of El Fuerte. There are cheap hostels and guesthouses, and there are also more expensive options. Prices for a single room for one night start at 650 pesos.

There are no campsites on the coast of the lake. At the same time to get from El Fuerte quickly and conveniently.

If you want to link your life forever with this place, then why not? Nature, clean air, good infrastructure – so you need to have a quality life!

Homes are not distinguished by luxury and wealth. Mostly housing modest and democratic. Such a small and cozy house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fenced area can be purchased for just 72 600 US dollars.

House for sale in El Fuerte
This house in El Fuerte is for sale – 72 600 US dollars

How to get to Lake Dominguez

For locals

The lake is 52 miles from the city of Los Mochis of the state of Sinaloa. You should take the northeast train and get off at the first stop of El Fuerte. From the city to the coast of Lake Dominguez you have to take a taxi and you will reach the lake in 25 minutes.

Also from Los Mochis to El Fuerte can be reached by bus for 30 pesos. The bus leaves from the street Avenida Independencia and from the place next to America Hotel. The trip will be about 1.5 hours.

For foreign tourists

Tourists from other countries need to first get to Federal Airport of Valle del Fuente. Then by bus from the airport to the city center of El Fuerte. And from there take a taxi to the coast of the lake.

Exact information on the fare on the bus and timetable can be found on the information desk of the airport.

Helpful links

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