Lake Texcoco

Lake Texcoco was one of the great natural lakes of the Valley of Mexico and is known by ear as the place of the Aztec island city Tenochtitlan. And now, in place of the basin of the once-existing lake, the densely populated capital of Mexico is located.

Map of an old Mexican Valley
Valley of Mexico as it was

Initial characteristics of Lake Texcoco

  • Depth is 500 feet
  • Surface elevation is 7.349 feet
  • Square is 5439 acres


Long ago, before the melting of glaciers, Lake Texcoco was enormous in size and covered almost the entire Mexican valley. However, climate change between 11 and 6 millennium BC led to the aridity of the territories. The water in the lake was becoming less and less.

As early as 600–800 AD, the first state entities appeared near Lake Texcoco. This time falls on the golden age of the Aztecs. At the beginning of the 14th century, the Aztecs built a large island. They experienced difficulties with the supply of clean fresh water and tried to solve it with the help of dams that separated the lake and rainwater. This they managed to glory. Since then, this place has formed a significant cultural heritage. That it marked the beginning of the existence of today’s Mexico City.

The image of Tenochtitlan city
Tenochtitlan on Lake Texcoco. Image from @chrissytelias

Wild nature

In various sources and scientific records of researchers of the Middle Ages, there are references to the richness of the natural world of Lake Texcoco. A huge number of waterfowl, fish, amphibians, and reptiles inhabited the territory of the lake.

All year round, it was possible to observe flowering plants and a variety of other representatives of the flora, especially algae, on Lake Texcoco.

What happened to the lake?

Unfortunately, Lake Texcoco has ceased to exist. It all started with a major flood of the early 17th century. Mexico City authorities were afraid that a new wave of elements would come and destroy the city. In this regard, it was decided to drain the lake to ensure safety from flooding.

This did not lead to the best environmental consequences. Most of the soil began to suffer from drought. And even now, the population of Mexico City is experiencing difficulties with drinking water.

Beautiful places around

If you are already in Mexico City, how can you not walk around the city and see all the beautiful places? The old district of the city is filled with interesting architecture, monuments of ancient cultures and historical monuments.

No matter where you are. The main thing is to get to the central square of the Constitution of El Zocalo. From there go all the roads to the most famous places.

For example, the National Palace is a famous building of the 16th century. Here always met the ministry and members of the Supreme Court. The palace recreated the historic meeting rooms of important people. The palace is open from 9 am to 4.30 pm. And the entrance is free.

Templo Mayor – on the site of this architectural monument were the ruins of the most important temple of the Aztecs. Now in this museum, you can find ancient artifacts of the Aztec times. The entrance ticket costs about 3 US dollars, and on Sunday admission is free. In addition, between this museum and the square is a beautiful fountain. Of course, you can take a look at it and make great photos for free.

Classic street in Mexico City old center
Mexico City street in the center of the old city. Photo by @tatiana.badu

Life and comfort

The area of old Mexico City is a combination of aristocracy and wealth. Here everything is well-maintained at the highest level.

In Mexico City, there are a lot of housing options for renting for daily or long term rent. Go to or Airbnb and see a lot of suitable options. If you want you can rent a room or an apartment in the center of the city with an excellent view of Mexico City.

Villa in Mexico City for 12 million US dollars
Luxury real estate in Mexico City – 12 000 000 US dollars

This area is considered prestigious to live. Therefore, it is difficult to find an inexpensive house or apartment. But you can easily fulfill the dream of living in a castle with its own garden and territory of 9000 acres. Here is this wonderful house worth about 12 000 000 US dollars.

Yes, in a fabulously beautiful area, fabulously great prices. But if you can afford it, then, by all means, you will enjoy life among the greenery, noble buildings and the atmosphere of culture and art.

The best way to get to the area of Lake Texcoco

To find yourself in the territory where Lake Texcoco was previously located, you do not need a difficult route. Mexico City is a megalopolis with the most developed transport structure. Metro, bus, and taxi are the most popular forms of transport.

From the airport, it is easy to get to the nearest metro stations by bus, and from Terminal 1 you can walk there. Schedule and bus prices check at the information desk at the airport.

It will be enough for you to take the subway for 30 cents to any of their central stations, for example, Zocalo or Pino Suarez. And then already within walking distance, you can watch whatever you want in the city center.

In any case, you can take a taxi. Then the trip, for example, in 20 minutes will cost you ten dollars. And from the airport to the central square can be reached at $ 27.

From the neighboring cities, you can also take suburban buses. All long-distance bus stations in Mexico City can be found on the website of bus timetables at the link at the end of the article.


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