Falcon International Reservoir – Falcon Lake

Lake Falcon is an artificial reservoir which is located in the state of Tamaulipas. By the way, the lake has a unique location being both in the USA and in Mexico. This position is very beneficial for both Mexican and American tourists. So do not doubt your choice to visit this wonderful place.

The lake characteristics

  • Length is 33.3 miles
  • Width is 1.44 miles at the narrowest and 15.17 miles at the widest place
  • Square is 70000 acres
  • Maximum depth is 110 feet

History of the lake

Lake Falcon was founded in the first half of the 20th century in 1935. The lake is unique in that one half of it is located in the United States in the state of Texas, and the other in Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas.

This part of the state of Tamaulipas is often at risk of flooding. Therefore, the decision to create a reservoir and build a protective dam was essential for the population of the state. By the way, most of the electricity for hydroelectric power is generated here. The lake provides uninterrupted electricity supply.

Earlier on the site of the lake, there was the city of Falcon, which was named after its founder Maria Rita de la Garza Falcon. In his honor, and the reservoir was named.

Lake Falcon surprisingly combines in its territory the abundance of diverse flora and equally rich fauna. Did you know that it is here that the bushes and trees grow, from the fruits and leaves of which the world-famous seasonings and oils are made?

Here grow:

  • Origano
  • Wild olive
  • Hibiscus
  • Kaktus

Of the permanent inhabitants can be identified as much freshwater fish:

  • Perch
  • Carp
  • Som
  • Crappie

Unfortunately, the fish population is decreasing from year to year. But Lake Falcon still attracts fishermen from different parts of Mexico and other countries.

Parks near Lake Falcon

Fllying butterflies in Falcon state park
A lot of butterflies and other nature in Falcon State Park . Photo by @the_gzee

Considering the peculiarity of the location of the lake, there are good parks here on the Mexican side and in the United States.

Let’s start with the American side. On the southeast coast of the lake, there is a cozy and green corner. This is the Falcon State Park. This is a good place for hiking and cycling. If you have long dreamed of having a photo session on a nature scene against the backdrop of a great sunset, then on Lake Falcon your dream will surely come true. The entrance to the park is completely free for all visitors from 6.00 to 22.00.

In the Mexican part of the lake, the mostly wild coast of the lake and a well-maintained park are found in the city of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero. Once in this city, on the southwest coast of Lake Falcon be sure to visit Parque Del Amanecer. The park is great for hiking and cycling. By the way the name speaks for itself. In the early morning there are wonderful sunrises! The park is open every day and entrance is free.

How to spend time on Lake Falcon

Warning about crossing Mexico USA border
When you are walking around be careful with border. Photo by @ianluria

Of course, this is a real treasure for experienced fishermen and for those who have just joined this fun activity. Local and foreign fishermen come here to make the best bass catch. The number of fish in the lake is gradually decreasing, but this does not stop fishing fans from coming here.

Remember that part of the lake belongs to the United States, and part of Mexico. If you are fishing in Mexican territory, you will need a fishing license, which can be obtained from the National Aquaculture and the Fishing Commission. All the details are on their website.

If you choose fishing on the American coast of the lake, then you need to get a license in the Texas Parks and Wildlife department. The department website is also listed in the useful information section.

For walks and picnics, the lake is also great. You can take bikes with you and ride along the smooth and carved shores of the reservoir.

On the American side, in the northern part of the lake near the town of Zapata, there are good cafes and restaurants where you can have a delicious lunch. Here is the Broken Braid Guide Service. This company organizes exciting fishing and educational workshops even for children. Cost of 4 hours of fishing 350 US dollars. They do not provide accommodation, but they can gladly suggest good options in nearby hotels. You can learn more about the rules on the company’s website.

Beautiful cities on the American side of the coast

Photo of Zapata County Courthouse
Zapata County Courthouse in Zapata, TX. Photo by @latitudeslongitudes

Certainly, the most beautiful city is Zapata. The city is located on the north coast of Lake Falcon. This city is quite small, so you can get to all the interesting sights on foot from the central part of the city.

A very attractive place for tourists is the Zapata County Museum of History. You will be impressed by the architecture of the museum and the facts of the history of this city. All information about the work of the museum can be found on the website listed in the section of useful links.

A 10-minute walk from the museum is Romeo T. Flores, Memorial Park. There are attractions, a pool, several playgrounds, and excellent cafes. The park is open to the public daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

By the way from Lake Falcon to Zapata, it is better to take a taxi on highway 82. Because the distance to the city center from the coast is slightly more than 1.5 miles.

Beautiful cities on the Mexican coastline

Entrance to the city of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero
Welcome to the city of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero. Photo by @marianagarcia1713

On the ego-eastern shore of the lake is located the small but beautiful Mexican city of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero. Here, fresh air and beautiful landscapes.

The city is famous for its beautiful nature and museums. Among the attractions of the city, guests especially love the Trazos Regionales Museum. There are memorable photographs from the history of the municipality and its population. This is a fascinating historical museum that will appeal to both adults and children. The museum is located in the city center, so you can easily reach it even on foot, since the distances here are quite small.

Also, this cozy town is very impressive architecture of city streets. Go on a walk around the city to capture the creations of architects of past centuries.

Good conditions for life in Mexico

Right on the coast of the lake there are no hotels and guesthouses. But there are excellent options in the near town of New Guerro City. Local hotels offer single rooms for about $ 50 per day. This is a good price for excellent accommodation.

No doubt you will like it here, and you may want to look for long-term housing near the coast of Lake Falcon. Houses and apartments in this area are modest, restrained and democratic. For example, you can find a cozy two-bedroom house for only 65 000 US dollars or less. But most of the offers are not on the internet. You have to find “se vende” banners when you are in this town. Affordable prices and a good climate contribute to a happy life for every family.

Good conditions for life in USA

So for a long rest on the lake, you can, of course, stay in a tent right on the beach, or you can rent a room at the Lakefront Lodge. You can go here and get good accommodation, and eat well and go fishing for fame. The price for a daily rent for one person is 65 US dollars and for a double room 75 US dollars.

Of course, the prices and quality of housing in Texas vary significantly with the modest choice on the Mexican coast of Lake Falcon. Here, economical and inexpensive options are less and less common. Here people prefer to live widely, without denying themselves beauty and comfort.

See, this beautiful and big house with 5 bedrooms, a garden and a closed territory costs 298 000 US dollars. The price is certainly not low, but look how good it is. He is definitely worth these investments.

The best way to get to Lake Falcon to Mexican side

For locals

Take a taxi from any nearest city. It is very convenient and inexpensive, only $ 0.5 per 1 km.

For foreigners

You need to travel by plane and fly to International General Servando Canales Matamoros Airport. From the airport to the lake, the distance is about 115 miles. The best solution is to get to the city of Ciudad Mier by bus from the airport, and from there take a taxi to the lake.

Bus timetables and other useful information check at the information desk at the airport.

The best way to get to Lake Falcon to American side

For locals

Part of the lake is located in the territory of Texas. Therefore, it will be convenient for local residents to get to the coast by private car or take a taxi.

For foreigners

Not far from the city of Zapata, there is Laredo International Airport, three miles from the central part of the city of Laredo. There are many international flights and flights from most US states.

You can get from the airport to Zapata by a regular bus. Schedule can be found at the information desk at the airport. And already in Zapata, you can take a taxi to the very coast of Falcon Lake. The price of a taxi ride for 1 km is approximately 2.8 US dollars.

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