Lake El Salto o Elota

Lake Salto is a beautiful lake in Sinaloa state with a rugged coastline, located 55 miles from the northern part of Mazatlan at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountain. If you love nature, fishing and outdoor activities far from the hustle and bustle, then you should definitely go here.

Lake Salto, Sinaloa photo
View on El Salto o Elota lake

The lake characteristics

  • Length is 5 miles
  • Width is 515 feet at the narrowest place and 15840 feet at the widest place
  • Square is 27 000 acres

History of Lake Salto

Lake Salto is an artificial pond with fresh water. The construction of the lake was begun in 1990 at the beginning of the 20th century on the Elota River. The main purpose of the reservoir is to generate additional energy to create electricity for nearby areas. In Mexico, hydraulic stations are a very valuable and inexpensive source of energy.

Wild nature

You can not imagine how many different rare and common animals you can find on the lake. More than 30 percent of all mammals in Mexico are concentrated here.

On Lake Salto can be found:

  • Brown bear
  • Puma
  • Wolves
  • Coyotes
  • Whitetail Deer

Among the representatives of birds, both harmless and predatory species live here.

Bird watching lovers are sure to see.

  • Weft
  • Black eagles
  • Blue Heron
  • Hawks

As you can see, the wildlife of Lake Salto is diverse and at the same time dangerous. Therefore, take memorable photos, but be careful and watch out for safety when meeting predators.

How to spend time on Lake Salto

Woman caught a massive big bass
There are really big bass in lake El Salto. Photo by @paulamazzuch

First of all, Lake Salto is the best place for fishing enthusiasts. Sports fishing began to take place here immediately after the appearance of the lake. Each fishing boat accounts for up to 80 kg of perch catch! Do not forget about the license for fishing. In Mexico, everything is strictly and required documentation of the possibility of fishing. Details are available on Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission website.

On the coast of the lake, you can stay in a tent at the campsite or in the fishing club El Salto Lodge. It is a cozy fishing base that provides the best opportunities for efficient fishing. Night stay with the fishing day costs 278 US dollars per person. The price includes boat rental, a double room, three meals a day and a license for fishing. And when you buy 3 days for two, you will pay a little more than 1000 US dollars.

Beautiful cities around

Lake Salto is located in a mountainous area and in the vicinity there are no interesting cities filled with wonders of architectural construction and just good places for walking.

So if you have time, go to the city of Culiacan. It is a large Mexican city, founded in 1531. Here, every tourist will find entertainment for their needs.

Botanico Culiacan Garden
Botanico Garden in Culiacan town. Photo by@raflescabrera

Visit the Botanico Culiacan Garden. You will find a huge number of rare wild plants and will be stunned by their beauty. This is a fantastic place with a picturesque landscape and a unique atmosphere. The garden is open to the public from 7 am to 8 pm. Specify the cost of an entrance on the website or already on arrival in the botanic garden.

Special attention is given to Ernesto Millán Escalante Park. The green and spacious park is suitable for family walks and relaxing with friends. You can ride a catamaran or ride a slide in the water park and swim in the pool. The park is open for you from 7 am to 7 pm. The cost of entry check with the administration of the park on the site.

Good conditions for life

Tourists who love silence and wild nature will surely love this place with their souls and will want to stay on their own. In this case, look at the housing in Culiacan. It is the capital of the state of Sinaloa with excellent infrastructure and transport interchange.

In addition, the houses and apartments in Culiacan are good both externally and functionally. For example, this modern house with several floors can be purchased for 225000 US dollars. For such a gorgeous house with panoramic windows is a great price.

The best way to get to Lake Salto

For foreign tourists

Your first priority is to take a flight to Mazatlan International Airport. Since the territory of the lake is wild nature and landscapes, public transport will not be able to get to the coast from the airport. You should book a taxi and in about 1-1.5 hours you will reach your destination. The cost of a taxi is about 0.5 dollars per 1 km.

For locals

Locals can get to Salt Lake from any nearby town. In any case, public transport goes bad and you have to use a taxi.

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