Lake El Comedero

This is really a beautiful lake. It is located in the Sierra Madre Mountains, 100 miles north-east of Mazatlán, which is the main city in the state of Sinaloa. If you want to see beautiful landscapes, be far from city noise and go fishing well, then without a doubt, this is the place for you!

El Comedero lake view
View on lake Comedero

The Comedero characteristics

  • Length is 10 miles
  • Width is 996 feet at the narrowest and 31680 feet at the widest place
  • Square is 724 acres

Lake history

In the 1980s, the construction of Lake Comedero was completed. As you understand, this is an artificial reservoir created for specific purposes. First of all, this rather large lake has become a part of a large irrigation system. At the ridge of the Sierra Madres mountain system, it provides a hydroelectric power station, which is the main generator of energy for the nearby territories.

Lake Comedero photo
View on El Comedero Lake from the dam

Wild nature on Lake Comedero

First of all, Lake Comedero is a place that, like a magnet, attracts fishermen from all over the world. Here are amazing nature and not less amazing bass catch. In addition to the bass, there are many other species of fish, such as tilapia and perch.

Do not forget about the license for fishing. More information about the National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission website.

Lake Comedero is one of the best lakes to catch big bass up to 15 pounds of weight. During the day, one boat can catch as many as 60 such fish. Perfect fishing!

The climate of Lake Comedero is very mild and warm all year round. Therefore, fishing will be successful at any time. Most of the fishermen come for a good fish catch from September to May. At this time, the weather is mostly sunny and pleasant. Lake Comedero should be on the list of each avid anglers to fish at least once.

How to spend time on the lake

Big Bass El Comedero lake
Big bass fishing on lake Comedero. Photo by @edgartellezjr

Lake Comedero is not rich in objects of architecture and landmarks. But even without them, it is no less attractive to tourists. Not far from the lake dam there is a great place to come here and live in a mobile home. In other matters, you can just have a picnic and then go fishing. You cannot worry about the left things, as local inhabitants will look after them.

There is no large choice of entertainment on the lake that many tourists are used to. All outfitters are currently serving the Comedero, working in nearby small villages. However, the dam has a small area suitable for parking house on wheels or camping with locals who can keep an eye on things while fishing on the lake. As a rule, it is never easy to launch a full-sized bass boat on Comedero Lake, and a four-wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended.

Beautiful cities around

Street in city Cosala Sinaloa Mexico
Cosala city street. Cozy and authentic. Photo by @rossyglez1

A beautiful place that is definitely worth visiting is Cosala. It is a small town and the capital of the state of Sinaloa was founded in 1562. Only about 7 thousand people live here. Despite not being crowded, the city is a rich heritage.

There are many picturesque architectural monuments, reminiscent of the old mining town. Be sure to visit the museum of the 16th century dedicated to mining and the history of the city.

From the natural sights without a doubt, visit Wando Hondo. Just 10 minutes’ walk from Cosala and you will find yourself in a stunning location with waterfalls, mountains, and rivers.

You can get from Cosala to the lake in just 30 minutes by taxi or by car. You can learn more about the sights of the city by clicking on the link at the end of the article.

Life and area

The most comfortable conditions are provided by Lake Comedero Papachal Lodge. This hotel hospitably welcomes guests and provides luxury accommodations.

Papachal Lodge Hammock
View from your room in Papachal Lodge on Lake Comedero. Photo by @elpapachal

The hotel can buy a package with several options from 1595 US dollars. It all depends on how many days you decide to stay. These packages include accommodation, meals, fishing permits and guides to help you navigate the lake. Moreover, at an additional cost of 50 US dollars, you can order a round trip transfer from the airport of Mazatlán.

Options for housing to buy should be considered in Mazatlán. Because there are mostly villages and the best houses you will find in a large city center.

Houses and apartments have prices above average, but it is worth it. See what a wonderful house can be purchased for 349,000 US dollars. House in a modern style with a pool, garden, and a large area. This comfort and beauty in one bottle. The area itself is quite calm and therefore great for family life.

House in Mazatlan for sale
Not far away from the lake, in Mazatlan, you can buy such a house for 349 000 US dollars

The best way to get to Lake Comedero

The first thing you need to take a flight to Mazatlán. Flights depart daily at a convenient time. You can reach Lake Comedero for 4 hours from the airport of Mazatlán.

First, you need to get from Mazatlán by a good road to the village of Cosala and then drive about 20 minutes by a dirt road to the coast of the lake.

Of course, since this is a mountainous area, it’s best to take a taxi. Public transport will not take you here. You can order a taxi directly at the airport. Or you can take a bus to the center of Mazatlán, and there already choose a taxi for your taste. Take a taxi costs $ 1 for 0.5 miles.

For tourists from other countries

You should also get to Mazatlan Airport, and take this route. However, you can fly either from Mexico City Airport or try to find a direct flight from your country to Mazatlán.


These links will help you if you need certain information. It will be easier for you to build a route optimally if you are well aware of all the details of the trip.

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