Lake Chalco

Lake Chalco is a beautiful ancient lake in central Mexico. Historically, it is of great importance for the cultural development of these territories.

Roads across Chalco lake
Lake Chalco today

The Chalco characteristics

  • Coastline is 12 miles
  • Depth is 985 feet
  • Length is 2 miles
  • Width is 420 feet at the narrowest and 5.280 feet at the widest place


Since ancient times, the lake was named after the city of Chalco. Artesian springs are the main source of water for the lake. When the Aztec epoch existed, it was possible to grow wide floating gardens, which are called Chinampa.

The name of the floating gardens is associated with the ancient name of the southwestern part of Mexico, the region of Xochimilco – Chinampan. Since those times, such a cultivation technique has become famous and remains popular until now.

The gardens consist of several narrow islands up to 35 feet wide and up to 650 feet long. Thanks to the lake, the soils of the gardens receive enough moisture and fertilizer for productive cultivation.

Since the time of the Aztec settlements and ending with the 20th century, people have tried to drain Lake Chalco and the nearest water bodies. Local tribes were afraid of the onset of floods characteristic of this area. After the process of draining and volumetric consumption of fresh water, the lake became unsuitable for growing floating gardens. Now we can see only a small part of it.

The map of Valley of Mexico in 1519 year
Valley of Mexico map with lake Chalco on it. As it was in 1519

Wild animals and plants on Lake Chalco

This place is full of wildlife. However, over time, the number of animal and plant species decreased significantly due to soil salinity and aridity of the territories. From plants now you can meet here:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Pepper Tree
  • Pines

The fauna is mainly represented by aquatic creatures. The most famous representative, the monster of these waters is an axolotl. This is a type of salamander that lives only in the central regions of Mexico, including Lake Chalco. This interesting animal is still under the close supervision of scientists.

Nevertheless, despite the not very diverse variety of flora and fauna, the lake still has a magnificent landscape, sunrises and sunsets.

Sunset on the lake Chalco
Sunset on the lake Chalco. Photo by @jorhenry

Parks near Lake Chalco

If you have already fled the coast of the lake and want to see new places, then by all means go to Xicotencatl Park. This green and spacious park is located 1.6 miles from the eastern shore of the lake.

The city park is designed for hiking, cycling, rollerblading and various sports games. As a rule, there are few people here. Therefore, everything here has for solitary rest or exercise in the fresh air.

Next to Xicotencatl Park is Ecological Park Xico. This is a small cozy park. There is no less beautiful and picturesque, so do not go around with it and visit in your days of rest.

Both city parks are open 24 hours a day and have free access for all visitors. Also here you can freely walk with your favorite pets.

There is a modest national park La Caldera 3 miles from the northern part of the lake. Here, too, a calm atmosphere reigns and there are all conditions for a family holiday or walking with friends. You can eat in the cafe and drink hot aromatic coffee in the park.

How to weekend on the lake

Lake Chalco is not a typical lake. There is no noisy entertainment, amusement park and loud celebrations. This is a peaceful place where you will find peace. This is the perfect place to do yoga, meditation, quiet workouts. If you like to ride a bike is great! The park has a large area for comfortable cycling.

Cyclist in the rain. Chalco lake
Cycling on the lake Chalco. Photo by @panchocear

Beautiful cities around

The brightest and most famous cultural and historical center is, without doubt, Mexico City. The city center of the state capital is located 18 miles from the lake.

Once in Mexico, first go to the main square of the city Zócalo. Here you can see palaces, historic buildings, beautiful streets, temples. One day is not enough for you to go around all these places.

Lake Chalco
The main square of Mexico City – Zocalo. Photo by @bree_guez

If you literally don’t transfer museums to the spirit, forget about it and visit the Anthropology National Museum. This is the most important museum in Mexico, which allows you to learn the culture of the country from all sides. And by the way, it is in the 10 best museums in the world.

And the museum is located in a huge park Chapultepec. Here, too, a lot can be seen and make beautiful photos for memory.

All you need to come to the square is the metro. Fortunately, the public transport network is well developed in Mexico. It’s simple: you need 2 metro lines in blue, Zocalo station.

And to get to the museum, you will need red line №1 and get off station

Chapultepec castle view on the city
Amazing view on the business district in Mexico city from the Chapultepec Castle. Photo by @chapultepecuno

Comfortable life on Lake Chalco

On Lake Chalco, there are no campgrounds for a long rest. But on the coast, there are many hotels and guesthouses with excellent rooms and apartments.

If silence, comfort, and tranquility are what you want from life, then you will like the area of Lake Chalco.

The district, although not crowded, is equipped with comfortable and reliable houses. For 178,000 US dollars you can find a great housing option with a nice courtyard. Like this one.

Housing opportunity near lake Chalco for 178000 dollars
Great house for sale with good size land plot near lake Chalco – 178 000 US dollars

There also exists many budget offers from 78,000 US dollars in gated area with shared swimming pool.

Cheap house near lake chalco for 78000 dollars
Budget houses with shared swimming pool – 78 000 US dollars

Friendly neighbors, a warm climate and a wonderful landscape make Lake Chalco a wonderful place to stay.

The best way to get to Lake Chalco

From the main airport of Mexico

It is about 20 miles from the airport of Mexico City to the lake.

It is best to get from the airport to any metro station by public bus. And then you should go to the station Tlahuac (M12). From the metro station, it is worth taking a taxi. You will spend only 10-15 minutes to go to the lake. A taxi ride will cost you about 5 US dollars.

Bus schedule from the airport can be found at the information desk, as well as other information you need.

From the central square

From Zocalo square, you can use metro, for example catch the train at the station Zocalo, transfer to another line, get off at Tlahuac station and take a taxi.


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