Lake Bacurato (Baccarac)

Original name of the lake is Lic Gustavo Diaz Ordaz (Lake Bacurato). But mostly popular name is lake Baccarac which is given from the namesake Baccarac lodge hotel on this lake. It is a natural lake located in the western part of Mexico at a distance of 90 miles from Los Mochis. At first view, this is a completely ordinary lake, no different from others. But you cannot imagine what a find it is for fishermen. But more about that later.

Lago Bacurato view from the hill
View on the lake Bacurato from the hill. Photo by @chad85swimbaiter

What is Lake Baccarac in basic parameters?

  • Length is 25 miles
  • Average width is 5 miles
  • Square is 30 acres

History of the lake

In 1978, Lake Baccarac was heavily supplied with the large bass from Florida. Billy Chapman Sr. took over the supply of the lake with this kind of fish. In 1983, he received rights from the Mexican authorities and built a resort area near the Baccarac in the village of Bacubirito.

Since then, a large number of fishermen, especially from Mexico and the United States, often come here to catch the biggest bass.

By the way, the record for fishing was set in 1993. One of the fishermen caught the bass of 19 pounds!

Bass fishing on lake Baccarac
Many people trying to catch the biggest bass here. Photo by @chad85swimbaiter

Wild nature on the Baccarac

The main attraction and wildlife of Lake Baccarac is the big bass. But there are also carps and various types of catfish. Of course, most tourists come here to catch the coveted bass. Perhaps someone will manage to break the record and capture bass weighing more than 19 pounds and we will find out about this lucky man.

Flying heron on the lake Bacurato
Not only fish, but you can see heron on the lake. Photo by @eduardoortiztirado

Weekend and holiday on the lake

Lake Baccarac is a specific place. Lovers and fishery professionals go here. On the shore of the lake, there is an excellent hotel that welcomes guests from September to June. This is due to the specific climate of the lake. In other months it is either more rainy or dry. Nibble is not the best at this time.

Lake Baccarac Lodge is a wonderful hotel that creates all the right conditions for comfortable relaxation and fishing on the lake. Since 2005 this house welcomes up to 28 people at a time. For example, 4 nights of accommodation and 3 days of fishing will cost you 1250 US dollars.

Photos from Baccarac Lodge
Baccarac Lodge. How it looks. Photo by @lakebaccaraclodge

Here you can enjoy delicious seafood and national Mexican cuisine. There are also 15 boats that can be rented for fishing. Check the cost and conditions on the hotel website.

Do not forget that you will need a Mexican license for fishing. Information about licenses is available on Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission website.

By the way, if you take a decision to stay at Lake Baccarac Lodge, then you will be given a license, the cost of which is included in the accommodation package. This is very convenient since you do not have to spend precious time on registration and purchase of this license.

What places around to visit?

This lake is quite remote from cultural attractions. For the most part, this is a place of wildlife and the most suitable place for successful fishing. Therefore, viewing the sights is better to plan a separate trip, or set aside time on a trip and go to another part of immense Mexico.

This does not mean that there is nothing to see. Moreover, there are so many beautiful and panoramic views. You can ride a bike or go hiking. There are not the most convenient roads for taxis, but narrower paths.

Beautiful sunset on Lake Bacurato
This sunset is worth of to visit lake Bacurato! Photo by @cydandliamsdad

Conditions for life

This is a paradise for fishermen and all who love wildlife. The best place to stay for a few days or weeks is the Lake Baccarac Lodge hotel mentioned above.

And if you are thinking about buying property in this area, it is better to make a choice in favor of the territories right on the coast. After all, this area near Lake Baccarac is little developed and has more wild landscape than comfortable conditions for life.

A great area is like Mazatlán, Sinaloa. There are decent apartments or houses for every taste. Here is such a gorgeous house worth 604,500 US dollars. At your disposal will be a sports club with a swimming pool, several parking spaces and a view of the golf course. Not a house, but a dream, right?

House for sale in Mazatlan
This house in Mazatlán is for sale – 605 000 US dollars

The best way to get to Lake Baccarac

From Mexico

To get to the lake, you must first go by plane to Los Mochis or Culiacan, Mexico. And after the flight, you expect a 2-hour van ride straight to the lake.

If you made a choice to stay at Lake Baccarac Lodge, you can prearrange a service and a van will meet you at the airport and deliver to your destination.

From the USA

You can take a charter flight from Phoenix in Arizona or El Paso in Texas. The plane will land just 10 minutes from the lake. All the necessary information is on the sites of each airport.

By the way, the cheapest flight option on a charter flight is to book it from the nearest border cities. For example, Phoenix and El Paso are great. You can learn more details on the Lake Baccarac Lodge website.

Lake Baccarac view
Beautiful lake Baccarac

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